This version of the Hansen’s Corner blog is now inactive. The blog will remain online for archival and viewing purposes.

Hansen’s Corner has now moved to it’s own website which you can visit by clicking on that link.

If you have subscribed via or email then you do not need to do anything – your subscription has already been migrated to the new website. If you have subscribed via RSS reader then please copy and paste this new feed URL into your RSS reader:

The Feedburner RSS feed is no longer active and therefore will not publish new posts from the new Hansen’s Corner website.

I would like to thank you for your support through liking, commenting, subscribing and reading this incarnation of Hansen’s Corner. I hope you can join me at our new home on the web where more great content will be coming soon.

Yours sincerely,
Matthew Hansen

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Hansen’s Corner is moving home!

It’s been a while since there’s been a post on here thanks to real life.

However there is good news. This blog is moving from it’s flat into it’s own self-hosted home! The blog will expand into a proper website that promotes my media work and continue the blogging activities.

If you have subscribed to the blog (which I thank you for doing), you don’t have to do anything. Your subscription will be transferred to the new website, unless you choose to unsubscribe, very soon.

You’ll still be able to access the old Hansen’s Corner archive which a link will be provided on the new website. The link to the new website will appear on social media accounts soon.

Your support means a lot and I hope to see you in our new home very soon.

Thanks for your understanding!


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Why I prefer a pocket paper notebook to apps

Before I start my post for this week – this is NOT a post attempting to be anti-apps or anti-technology. As anybody knows me, I like technology. I like my phone; I like my tablet (both of which are grey imports and that’s a topic for a future post); and I find many productivity apps such as Evernote; Simplenote; OneNote and ClearFocus really useful.

However I want to write a quick post as to why in many cases I prefer to use pen and paper instead of apps. Especially after reading Lifehacker’s articles about pen and paper and notebooks.

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Over The Mic: Episodes 002 and 003 (Patrick Wallace and Edinburgh Napier Eurotalk Society)

Ok, there’s been a little pause between now and my last post about Over The Mic.

So here’s a double-whammy for you.

Last Saturday (07/11/2015) saw episode 2 being released. I spoke to singer-songwriter Patrick Wallace about his music – from days of playing the cello to his latest single now out on iTunes!

Listen to the episode below and check out the full show notes including the music video for Fade here.

This Saturday past, I talked languages with Edinburgh Napier University’s Eurotalk Society president Sydney Chasin and society member/man of six languages David Beeth. Re-learning German and learning Russian myself, I know that studying languages are a great challenge and is a boost to your skillset. That episode is below as well as show notes at this link to the website.

Episode 4 is coming out on Saturday and I’ll be joined in a two-host chat format with Ross Campbell. Who is he? You’ll find out on Saturday.

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End of university chapter…and starting working life chapter

You might remember back in September that I wrote about what it’s like to be a graduate not long after finishing university. Well, nearly two weeks ago, I officially became one of those graduates.
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