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Why I prefer a pocket paper notebook to apps

Before I start my post for this week – this is NOT a post attempting to be anti-apps or anti-technology. As anybody knows me, I like technology. I like my phone; I like my tablet (both of which are grey

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End of university chapter…and starting working life chapter

You might remember back in September that I wrote about what it’s like to be a graduate not long after finishing university. Well, nearly two weeks ago, I officially became one of those graduates.

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More food markets up north please.

In recent times there have been a few revelations in food research – or research hyped up into a call for food abstinence by the press depending on your interpretation – that may have left you confused and pondering your

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5 podcasts I recommend you try to listen (October 2015).

At this moment in time, I’m currently developing my own podcast show (Over The Mic) which will be on track for being launched in over three weeks time. When I’m not developing the show I like to listen to other

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Do you want a bag, it’ll cost you 5 pence?

Today has been a horrific day for many in England (or at least it is if you read the press). No, it’s not England being kicked out of the Rugby World Cup by an infinitely better rugby team from the

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